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It's an exciting time to be involved in software technologies. Today, nearly any device can operate a webserver. Full Stack Web and mobile applications development that make use of these intense processing powers of cloud servers are creating new opportunities for the way people do business online. Understanding the powers of the technologies now available and harnessing them in unique ways for our projects and our clients' projects is what we love here Salvonix.

Technology Selection Consultation in order to help establish and select your project's development platform, frameworks, databases, cloud server resources, security solutions and other technical elements your project needs to succeed.

Project Requirements Specification establishes the scope and features of the initial version of your project. Salvonix believes strongly in getting this stage of development correct from the git go, otherwise valuable time and resources can be wasted trying to redefine these requirements ad hoc.

Software Architecture & Wireframing according to object oriented best practices to ensure your project performs and is scalable.

API Development using RESTful services to produce a decoupled backend for a single page application. Our stack includes Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, PHP, Java, C++, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more.

User Interface Development truly considering the end user and all devices which might need to be supported. Our stack includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Ionic and more.

Server Configuration, Management and Hosting deploying your project in the cloud, including email servers and other requirements using AWS, Azure or Google App Engine.

Machine Learning supervised learning algorithms to automate all the things .

Our Work

Projects completed for Salvonix unless otherwise specified client.

MatchChamp Taekwondo Tournament App

The MatchChamp Taekwondo Tournament App covers your needs from registration of competitors and schools through bracketing most events in the WTF Taekwondo sphere. Our system is highly configurable to handle qualifiers on down to school tournaments.

FitSoFun Interactive App for Personal Trainers & Clients

The FitSoFun Personal Training App is now available!! This new tool will help you engage your clients and save you time and money. See the site for more details.

SMS Forum. We established a nutrition and fitness related discussion forum initially on a shared server using Simple Machine Forums software written with PHP. As performance degraded due to popularity, with over 1000 active users on our site, coupled with other users on the server, we migrated the forum to Amazon AWS Cloud Server. Perform maintenance, backups, upgrades and other duties we performed periodically.

Custom Designed Websites. Several sites over the years including, responsive, mobile-friendly websites for businesses in the DFW Metroplex.

Microcontroller. Salvonix developed a water meter for use in the farm field. Custom software development: including designing, documenting, and maintaining computer programs, mainly using Java and C++. Completed an independent contract with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation for the design, test, and manufacture of an electronic water meter prototype utilizing an 8051 micro-controller, buttons, display, and serial interface.

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