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About Salvonix

Salvonix Leadership Positioned at the intersection of business efficiency and technology, Salvonix solves real problems for businesses and busy professionals by providing custom web development, native mobile app development, hardware and firmware services to fit your specific needs. Salvonix has provided local businesses in North Texas with award-winning websites and applications.

Deanna is a full stack software engineer, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, USTGS & Kukkiwon Certified 1st Dan Taekwondo Black Belt and AAU & USAT Referee. In 2012 she restructured Salvonix as a limited liability company (LLC) and serves as CEO. She previously served honorably in the US Air Force as a crew chief. Duane Wagner has a background in electrical engineering and several years of experience in software engineering including embedded, web and mobile applications. He currently serves as CTO.

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How We Work

Software Development Life-cyle. Whether it is our creation or yours, we treat all of our services with the same respect to industry and quality standards governing the software development process, taking a comprehensive approach to the unique problem at hand. We document every aspect of every design at a reasonable level given the project's complexity and scope, be it software, website or device driver. We don't blindly follow any one process, we use the best tools for the job at hand, whether that is agile, waterfall, a combination or another model.

Requirements. Software specifications are made at this stage, and we also consider future version capabilities as necessary here and in the design phase. Gathering, analyzing and reporting on the requirements of the project is probably the most important step in developing sound applications that will stand the test of time. Software that falls short is usually not thought out thoroughly at this stage of the game. Ever mindful of the end users, we thoroughly cover use case scenarios, actors and their roles, user stories and more to ensure we have covered all bases before we go on to design.

Software Architecture & Design. The "how" of the solution to a problem. Salvonix employs UML for understanding the hardware, software and their interfaces. We live at a time when hardware considerations are changing rapidly. Always looking towards efficiency, we search out design patterns and use them whenever appropriate. During design we consider usability, extensibility, scalability, maintainability, security and more to ensure a robust package.

Coding. The "fine details" of the solution. Classes, objects, methods, data, and/or mark-up, styling and scripting happen in this phase. We utilize the latest programming languages and techniques for our software and hardware to provide long lasting performance and maintainability.

Testing & Debugging. Making sure our system works as expected and intended, we perform unit, integration, system and acceptance testing. We test the security and integrity of the system and debug any and all problems discovered.

Deployment & Maintenance. This is the launch or release phase. The service is active and usable. We maintain and improve upon our service regularly to give users the quality they deserve.